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Chances are good that there’s a cloud software as a service solution on the market today that will serve your core back-office needs. Many of those products offer the potential not just to move your data and processes to cloud

Revolutionizing Business Management with KADALI ERP SaaS

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5 Dashboards

A comprehensive dashboard with all requisite information under one tab for Project, Account, POS, HRM & CRM. Every activity of your business can be handled here.


Strategy for managing interactions and relationships with Customers and potential customers to improve business relationships.

Project Manament

A Project Management System organizes tasks, tracks progress, and facilitates team collaboration for efficient project completion.


Human Resource Management, the strategic approach to effective recruitment, development, and optimization of employees.


An Accounting module manages financial transactions, streamlines bookkeeping, and ensures compliance with reporting standards.


A POS, or Point of Sale, is where transactions are processed, often using digital systems for efficiency and accuracy.

  • Get everything you need to stay compliant and report your finances accurately, including Chart of Accounts, Journal Entry, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and General Ledger.
  • Add team members or invite vendors and cooperate with others on growing your business and managing your finances.
Automate Your Accounting And Billing
  • Get your product inventory updated automatically any time you generate an invoice/bill.
  • Set financial goals and get them automatically tracked based on the financial activities you record.
Salient Features of KADALI ERP SaaS – Complete all In One Business ERP With Project Management, Accounting, POS, HRM & CRM

5 Dashboards

KADALI ERP SaaS offers a unified dashboard, simplifying data access from clients to invoices. It provides a clear overview of business activities, from financials to project management, and includes reminders for meetings and events. Visual aids like pie charts offer insights into project progress, making it an indispensable business management tool.

Manage Staff

Effortlessly handle personal and company data for employees and clients with customizable options. Conveniently update and control information. Quickly locate staff using filters for department and role.


The Payroll module's salary setting and bulk payslip generation streamline employee compensation management, offering customizable salary components and efficient mass payment processing.

Employee Management

The HR module streamlines management of employee attendance, leave, and holidays, with easy creation and editing. It offers insights into each employee's profile, including awards and promotions, and facilitates training and performance tracking through ERP, ensuring a comprehensive grasp of HR functions.

Assign Roles to each Staff

Our accounting platform's multi-user feature enables role designation for team members, ensuring controlled access and management of specific functions.

Indicator, Appraisal

Each branch's departmental designation performance, encompassing Technical, Organizational, and Behavioral competencies, is outlined. Settings are adjustable via Setup.

Goal Tracking

This module allows for the establishment and tracking of various goals, whether they be immediate or extended in nature. Manual progress updates are facilitated through entry modifications. Initial configurations and subsequent adjustments are managed via the Setup feature.

Added Chat Module

Direct Communication is an important aspect of any business. The easy-to-access and use Chat Module provided in ERPGo SaaS, helps you to be in direct and constant touch with the users and clients.

Added Contract Module

The Contract Module streamlines client agreements by detailing contract type, value, and duration. Settings are easily managed via Setup.

Manage Pre-Sale

Leads Management

Access and manage your leads efficiently with both Kanban and List views. Design pipelines, allocate stages to leads, and enhance lead management by incorporating Users, Items, Files, and more. Simplify lead tracking with a comprehensive layout that provides all essential details at a glance.

Deal Management

Deal management is streamlined with options for Kanban and List views, providing a snapshot of weekly, monthly, and 30-day deal activities. Each deal allows for task assignments, product tracking, file sharing, and team collaboration. A calendar view also offers detailed scheduling, making deal oversight more efficient than ever.


Monitor and organize your estimates by assigning them to specific clients, setting their status, and tracking expiry dates. Quickly create new estimates, categorize them, and add necessary items, adjusting for discounts and taxes. Efficiently produce estimates in minutes with an KADALI ERP system.

Added Form Builder

Design and oversee a range of necessary forms featuring multiple field types such as Text, Email, Number, Date, and Description to cater to the broad business requirements of users.

Project Management


Efficiently manage projects with ERP's Kanban and List views, tracking status, expenses, and deadlines. Easily add users, assign tasks, and monitor completion. The Kanban board offers a visual task summary, while integrated features like milestones, files, and invoices streamline project management. Simplify your project's success with comprehensive ERP tools.


Achieving project success hinges on completing small, manageable tasks. Utilize a simple filtering system to oversee task priority and deadlines. Enhance task management with checklists, progress tracking, and the ability to append comments and necessary files.

Project Timesheet

Develop a timesheet by allocating Projects, Tasks, and Users, with defined start and end dates plus time. It streamlines project management.


Inventory Management in Invoice and Bill

Effortlessly track your business inventory with our management feature. Monitor item levels, and post-invoice, watch as "Products & Services" auto-updates. Simplify your inventory oversight.

Customer/ Vendor Statement Report

The "Customer/Vendor Statement Report" Module allows for a detailed examination of customer/vendor transactions over a selected timeframe. It encompasses the period's commencement and conclusion, order specifics, payment information, and comprehensive transaction records.

Thermal Print in Sales Module

A business's primary aim is to reduce fixed and variable expenses. Thermal Print excels in this area with its rapid, precise services for labeling, packaging, and receipt production, offering swift, high-quality printing solutions.

Desktop Application for Tracking Project Hours

Monitor your project hours effectively by initiating a timer. Tailor the tracker to capture periodic screenshots, with a minimum interval of one minute. Review and discard any irrelevant or unsuitable images as required.

Email Templates

Email templates offer a selection of pre-set or custom layouts, saving the need to craft new emails from scratch. They ensure consistency, ease of access, and save time on drafting repetitive emails, all customizable to meet different requirements.

Slack Integration

Stay updated effortlessly with instant company updates via Slack Integration. It channels key activities directly to you, allows for scheduled messaging, and makes correcting errors straightforward.

Zoom Integration

Zoom Integration simplifies virtual meeting management by allowing creation, viewing, starting, and deletion of meetings. Input details like client, users, time, and duration to generate a joinable link. Meetings sync with your calendar, displaying details and attendee timings for efficient scheduling.

Telegram Integration

Stay effortlessly updated with project activities through Telegram Integration. Receive immediate notifications on relevant actions, ensuring you're always in sync with ongoing tasks. This feature guarantees a seamless connection to your projects' progress.

Twilio Integration

Twilio's Integration allows for immediate text updates on job statuses to your mobile without needing an internet connection, offering significant convenience and connectivity.

Managing Items

Organize your inventory by adding items and categorizing them with details like purchases, sales prices, taxes, units, and product types. Essentially, it's a comprehensive system to monitor all aspects you'd need to manage effectively.

Double Entry Module for Accounting

Double Entry module is a financial management keystone, featuring six key columns. It starts with the "Chart of Accounts," detailing accounts for clear oversight. "Journal Account" and "Ledger Summary" track transactions and historical data. The "Balance Sheet," "Profit and Loss," and "Trial Balance" columns support financial statements and accuracy, aiding transparent and strategic financial operations.

Sales Management

Streamline your sales process with a comprehensive tool that handles Invoices, Payments, Expenses, and Credit Notes effortlessly. Create and modify invoices, manage products, and issue payment reminders with a single click. This all-in-one solution ensures your sales operations are efficient, leaving no room for worry.

Budget Planner

A budget serves as a fiscal blueprint for a defined timeframe, ensuring working capital management. It facilitates capital flow regulation, with options to establish budgets on a monthly to annual basis, tailored to your enterprise's strategy. It features two primary segments: "Income" and "Expense," with the flexibility to modify sub-categories.


Streamline your business with our contract management system. Effortlessly track every agreement by setting start and due dates, categorizing by type and value, and noting client details. Simplify your operations and ensure you never overlook a contract deadline again.

Events & Notice Board

Ensure readiness for future events by assigning staff and divisions to reminders. Craft events with detailed descriptions for oversight. Issue notices to stakeholders efficiently.

Goals & Notes

Set objectives and decide on their visibility on your Dashboard. Enhance your notes by attaching files for reference. It's straightforward, right?


Effective management is reflected in comprehensive reports, showcasing graphs for tasks, time, finances, and more. Tailor your search to specific periods, and gain insights into leaves, estimates, invoices, among others, ensuring nothing goes unnoticed.

Business Settings

Tailor your enterprise and firm configurations, including system preferences and printing options for billing and projections. Additionally, adjust the notification mechanisms.

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